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Where's Your Happy Place

Posted by Rachael Jessup on

As busy mothers, wives, partners, employees and business women, we need to find to STOP, focus and re-evaluate.

Before children, I would sit down in the afternoon at the weekend and lose a couple of hours in a book. I still love reading but find reading at night sends me right to sleep.

We are very lucky living so close to the ocean, here in Lunenburg. I come from Portsmouth in England, which is also coastal, but the beaches were all pebbles, so I was never a beach-lover. Since moving here, I have found a new way to STOP, focus and re-evaluate - my favorite happy place is now the beach. Whatever the weather, and yes I mean whatever the weather, we can often all be found at the beach, Christmas Day included.

I find my mind is often spinning like a tumble drier: kids; business; life; the universe – and not necessarily in that order. But I find that when I go to the beach I am instantly focused on NOW. A favorite pastime at the beach is looking for sand dollars and sea glass. To me they are treasures from the sea.

Whilst the dog and kids go exploring, my husband and I wander around the beach - him taking photos and me looking for treasures. Nobody's panicking about the time. Nobody's shouting to stop fighting (kids!). We all have our own spaces to BE. When we get back to the car to change the kids and go home – they are inevitably wet – we are laughing and chatting about our finds and go home, content and prepared to battle another day.

We don't all have the beach on our doorstep, but fresh air does soothe the soul - be it a walk in the woods, along a back road, or just ten minutes in our lunch break - take time for you.

Find your Happy Place...