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Instructions For Taking Pawprints

Dog and cat pawprints can be hard to take using the inkless wipes system that we use for human prints. They tend to be rougher, hairier and more absorbant, making standard practice irrelevent. We have successfully used several methods to get a pawprint of good enough quality:

  • Take a photo of a muddy or wet pawprint on your floor. Our dog loves to leave beautiful sample pawprints everywhere. We have found that the best ones are left on the deck when the deck is dry.
  • Take your dog to the beach or down a muddy trail. If the sunlight and the sand/mud texture is just right, photos can be taken of newly made pawprints.
  • If you have a cast of the pawprint, take a photo. Please ensure that you can see the indentation in the cast.
  • If all else fails, trim the hair around the pads (carefully!) and take a photo of the paw directly.