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Summer Memories

Posted by Rachael Jessup on

This Summer I am juggling parenting, business, dog, chickens, three pigs and being a wife! Not necessarily in that order :-). I am like no other mother or busy person out there, but I have decided I wanted to create a mini Summer bucket list for 'me' – shock horror!

Summer Journals

I bought the kids the most amazing Summer Journals from A Creative Destiny for two reasons. Firstly I loved the idea of tracking the high points of Summer through the kids eyes and secondly to keep up their writing over the school vacation!

This got me thinking about what I would like to do over the Summer – it goes by so fast and I often have regrets I didn't do such and such. Fancy ideas are great but either too costly, time consuming or just too darn unrealistic – the week in a spa on St Martins........ ah for another bucket list me thinks.

Bucket List

So here's my mini bucket list for Summer 2016:

  1. Find two more beaches (new to us).
  2. Go to the Halifax library.
  3. Go to the Halifax Public Gardens.
  4. Have a camp fire at the beach.
  5. Make Gazpacho soup!

I told you they weren't mind-blowing activities but they will make me happy and in turn those around me happy (not so sure about the Gazpacho soup)!!!!

I'll check back in later in the Summer and let you how it's going.