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Posted by Rachael Jessup on

In January I have been in the company of a lot of women. That's not remarkable in itself, being a female and all. We do tend to commune together at various times; but something I have taken time to think about how it has made me feel and my conclusion...


First I co-ran a jewellery workshop online. This was my first experience of being on screen and, oh my, was I terrified. I was joined by 40 other ladies from Florida, Calgary, PEI and here in Nova Scotia. And we had a blast! Educating and giving others the opportunity to try something new. I see more videos in my future – you have been warned!!! I was invited to do it by a lady who is also growing her business and thought the collaboration would be a good one and indeed it was. I got to learn about her business and products and I was able to share mine with her and her clients – it was a win/win.

Next I attended business workshop run by one of my good friends, Meg (from SkySail Brand). I look up to Meg for her business acumen, her ability to inspire and to motivate other business owners to dig deeper into themselves, and their businesses. The workshop on content development in itself was thought provoking as well as a kick up the pants to 'get stuff done' instead of talking about it.

The best part of the day was meeting new people and catching up with others – again, all women. Owners of small and medium businesses coming together learning from Meg and each other. We all walked out feeling like more empowered business owners and allies in this crazy self-employed journey.

Last weekend, as usual, was busy with the boys' hockey. Again a new breed of women I am embracing and becoming seasoned to – Hockey Moms. These women (and partners) ferry their kids around practices and games from October to March - cheering; biting their nails in suspense; drinking coffee - and other things in overnight tournaments ;-); living every moment of the games, through the highs and lows with their kids. Over the last few years, I too have become a hockey mom and even have the sweatshirt! Their dedication, like any parent whose kids are in activities, is inspiring and sometimes downright crazy :-)

I was also privileged to attend a rally on Saturday for Young Living Essential Oils. Over the last few months, I have researched and started using these oils in my home, on myself and my family (future blog on this). Five ladies organized this event with over 50 attendees. There was education, shared stories, tears and laughter as these ladies shared the business, their personal stories and overcame their own fears. You'd never believe that none of them were used to public speaking. Watching them set up and encouraging each other, in tears with each other while sharing their experiences. These ladies achieved big things together.

Lastly I was invited to a Baby Shower – my first in Canada. Generations got together in the rural community of Barrs Corner to help celebrate the upcoming birth of a new member of the community. Stories of babies and family were everywhere from new-mom-to-be up to new-great-grandmother. This small community see the children as their future and a link to their past.

After-Christmas is my 'low' time, not just work-wise, but mentally too – I get the holiday blues, big time. After the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, work, family and life, I find January a low point. Whilst many see the New Year as a new start, I mourn the craziness of December, like I mourn the end of a good book. But this year, surrounded by inspirational women, I enjoyed this January. Seeing it as a time to reflect, catch my breath and accept that what will be, will be. Taking time to stop and appreciate those around me inspires me too. So this year I start in reflection; calmly planning and adjusting to what works for me; but, heck, I better not hang around too long reflecting, as I have a business to run, family to love and juggle – and hockey!