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Instructions for Fingerprint Kits

  1. Make sure the little persons fingers are clean and MUST be dry
  2. Put the moulding compound into a small pot and add boiling water
  3. Wait for 2 minutes for it to soften
  4. Remove gently with tweezers and the compound will be soft
  5. Put onto a piece of paper towel and gently blot away the excess water (be careful as can mould will still be hot)
  6. Flatten the compound with rolling pin ( not your hand otherwise you will get a mix of prints) until it becomes about 5 mm thick
  7. Making sure that the moulding compound isn’t too warm, take your little ones index finger and place it firmly into the mould so that you have a good indentation of their fingertip pad – like when you do finger painting. Please do NOT use thumb prints as they don’t come put as well on the silver.
  8. I suggest you make three different prints in the same piece of moulding compound so that we can choose the best one.
  9. If you are not happy with the prints then put the compound into back into boiling water again and start at stage 2
  10. Let the compound harden (it will still be pliable) and put back in the plastic bag and send it back to me please.